How to Learn Mandarin Chinese Language and Speak Fluently Fast

Learn Chinese Apps

Thanks to the technology and internet, we can all learn Mandarin Chinese only by using certain Chinese Apps that you can download directly to your phone and start learning this language even on the go.

When you will go and search in Google Play store, you will find out there are thousands of these Mandarin Chinese Apps that claim to teach you speak the language.

I have tried at least hundreds of them and I must warn you. Not all of them are that great. So I was downloading and installing like crazy, spending the whole weekends trying out different apps for learning Mandarin and finaly I have my own verdict. On these pages I will share with you couple Apps for Chinese language that I think are worth it. Some are free — therse are great for beginners, and some are paid. The paid ones obviously are better and will help you to improve your Mandarin a lot.

So, thank you for stopping by and let’s see which Mandarin Chinese apps are great for learning to speak this language.

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