How to Learn Mandarin Chinese Language and Speak Fluently Fast

Learn Chinese Phrases

By trying to find out the best method of learning to speak Mandarin Chinese, I have found out that by learning to memorize phrases and words in them is much faster that learning word by word from traditional Chinese learning textbook. Not only you can learn to communicate in Chinese faster, your brain can easily recollect the words even if you change the sentences or words in those phrases to say completely something different.

When you memorize and practice these Chinese phrases, you also pick up some basic grammar and patterns like how to make questions, how to say negative things, how to say something is happening in the future or how to say when the action already finished.

On these pages I will pick some interesting Mandarin language phrases that are used the most and all you have to do is to watch some video or read couple of these phrases and try to say them as close as possible to how Chinese person would say it. That means, you need to learn speaking fast, since Mandarin language is meant to be fast paced.

So here are these phrases, good luck with your study!

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