How to Learn Mandarin Chinese Language and Speak Fluently Fast

Learning Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is number 1 language with the most native speakers in the world. Besides the language itself is very beautiful and if you love Chinese culture, you need to master the language as well. Here are some tips or ideas that might help you with your Mandarin studies.

I will occasionally write about some tips that I have tried and that helped me a lot when studying Chinese language. Also I think I will write weekle Chinese lessons — showing you what I learn week one, week two etc…

It’s so cool that many people still think I am crazy when I tell them I am learning Mandarin and you should expect the same. But you know what, it will give you so much self-confidence, since you can be sure that not too many people outside of China think they could learn Chinese.

But in today’s society I think its important that people start to learn this language. China is really opening up and you will be glad to learn about it’s beauty and the possibilites that can open up for you if you really decide to master it.

Good luck!

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