The Best Mandarin Chinese Apps for Beginners

The Most Useful Android Phone App for Learning Mandarin Chinese Language

Thanks to technology in our modern times, learning to speak Chinese is much easier when you start using these top apps for Mandarin beginners. Of course there are so many apps that you can download, but trust me, you will waste your time.

With the Android apps that I will introduce you to, you will know that your time will be spend wisely. And these apps are great for beginners. So if you are just starting out to learn Chinese, I believe that you will test the waters the right way.

I must say that later, you will need to get more advanced phone apps for improving your communication skills or you will need to find a native speaker to practice your fluency with. Because these tools here will only give you so much. And really, the faster you start speaking to a native Mandarin Chinese speaker, the faster your language skills will improve.

Let’s get into it, shal we?

My Favorite Android Phone Apps to Learn Mandarin Chinese fo Begginers

Learn Mandarin Chinese Free Android App

1 – Learn Chinese Mandarin Free with ChineseSkill

Many people loved learning languages with DuoLingo, really cool app that its fun and makes learning new languages much easier. It is still very popular, just have no idea why they did not add Mandarin Chinese.

Well, it does not matter. The app developer ChineseSkill did. You will find them in Google Play and can download it directly to your Android phone.

It mimics the fun of learning languages in the same manner as Duolingo, but for Chinese. It will help you to master basic vocabulary, learn how to draw Chinese characters and will help you to remember very important Mandarin phrases that you could actually use in your daily life.

So, it is not the same as learning from a boring Mandarin Chinese textbook that will be full of stuff you will not likely use when speaking in everyday situations. You definitelly need to check out this app — its free anyway, but really helped me to get started with this amazing journey.

Actually this was my first app and it opened the beautiful world to me. And I never stop learning!

2 – Chinese Handwritting Recognition App – Dev CHOE

Since I always wanted to learn how to write Chinese characters, I have looked all over the internet and from all those Android apps I chose this Chinese Handwriting Recognition app, just because it was very simple to use and it was free.learn to write chinese characters andoid apps

You can also get the option to download LINE Dictionary and when you hit search after you write the character, it will open browser with all the information about the character:

  • pronunciation
  • stroke order
  • sample words
  • sample sentences

So it’s quite helpful if you are into learning not only to speak the language, but also write Chinese characters. You will trully appreciate it if you really enjoy the journey of learning Mandarin.

Many people believe that you really do not need to learn characters at first, which is true, but I think that the sooner you begin, the better your Chinese skills would become. So try it out!

3 – Speak Mandarin Chinese Free – by ChineseSkills

This is the newest Android Mandarin Speak Mandarin Chinese AppsChinese app developed by the same team which made the Learn Mandarin Chinese Free app. I really like the way this team of developers just create very useful applications for your phone that really help you — the learner.

This little gem has over 1000 common phrases that will help you to understand more about Chinese grammar, culture and if you really master these, you will never get lost in China. Speak Mandarin Free will definitelly be of great use when you travel to China and need to master some basic communication skills, so make sure you will have it in your phone when you go. LOL!

Now, these were the only apps for begginers that I think can help you with basics  understanding of the Chinese language. I suggest you get a real mentor or native Chinese tutor and continue the learning process to master this language accordingly. My two favorite sources ate iTalki and the video immersion program called FluentU. You definitelly need to check them out and at least try it for couple weeks. You will see the huge improvement in your Mandarin language.

But the secret weapon in learning Chinese language is the Mandarin Blueprint… not expensive, but very good!

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