US President Obama Plan for Americans to Study Mandarin Chinese

Barack Obama Has a Goal of Having 1,000,000 Million Americans Speaking Fluently Mandarin Chinese by 2020

Wow, today I have search internet and found a very interesting article that I think will change the Chinese-American cultures. In the news they talked about how this will make both countries stringer than ever.

Here is what he said:

“If our two countries are going to do more together around the world, then speaking each other’s languages so we can understand each other is a good start,” Obama said.

source: Washington Examiner

I believe that Americans are already losing power of the world-dominating country and want to make a tactical deal with the largest inhabited country in the world, which of course is China.

It’s funny that I have always thought that to learn speaking Mandarin Chinese will one day be important, but this makes it even more important than I had ever imagined!

barack obama wants american to speak mandarin chineseEven my friends and family members thought I was nuts to learn Chinese language all by myself and kinda told me things that devalued China as a nation. Many of the people I come to contact with just do not get China at all.

Many do not like that it still is Communist country, many things that goods from China are just fakes, many things that Chinese people are not well mannered…etc…

Sometimes I get so tired defending the Chinese culture and it’s people.

But I stopped…

I do not need to convince others about my belief about China. If I could right now, I would move there and start teaching the one Chinese martial arts I love so much. I think my life would be much happier.

The thing is, that now I do not even need to convince anybody! This article proves me that China is a great nation with a huge potential.

Otherwise, why would president of all-mighty United States of America want for American citizen to learn Chinese language? He sees a big opportunity and wants to take it!

It will be 4 years now till this goal should be reached. We will see, if that will happen for real. I think they should have done this like 15 years ago.

Now is almost too late.  Soon, China will not even need any help from any country and it will be more difficult to get in and seize the opportunity.

My advice I give to anyone interested in Chinese culture is, follow Mr. Obama’s goal and give yourself at least 4 years of time to learn how to speak fluently Mandarin Chinese. It will help you to really understand how China and its people think and that is the first step to be a part of the oldest civilization in the world.

There are plenty of online resources like videos, podcast or talking applications, that can make your journey to speaking mandarin language as smooth as possible… so why wait? Not even US president does not want to wait any longer….

The best way to speach Chinese from the day one is the Mandarin Blueprint method that makes it much easier to master the language.