Why Learning to Speak Mandarin Chinese Is the Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself

Many people are trying to learn different languages. Some have to learn the chosen language because it is a hobby, because it’s required by their job or simply because they have decided to live in certain countrie.

So Why Would You Learn How to Speak Mandarin?

Again, your reasons might be different than mine. Maybe you are ready to invest in some business in China and get on the train of the most rising economy in the world. Or maybe you have met a true love and want to communicate with each other with ease.

Whatever your reason is no one will deny this:

learn to speak mandarin chinese language fast


Yes, that is right!

The Mandarin Chinese language is the most spoken language on the planet Earth! Don’t you think its not great to learn it and speak it fluently?

Imagine all the possibilities!

From my own personal experience, even to know couple Mandarin phrases is enough to impress any local Chinese person. They are able to show respect and admiration when you as the foreigner show the interest in their language and culture.

In fact I have never seen this kind of enthusiasm anywhere else. In most countries people are looking at you funny if you do not speak their language. Sometimes I witness comments like:

“Learn my language first if you want something from me!”


“If you cant understand me, go home to your own country!”

And many other, sometimes even rude expressions.

But not with Chinese people. Their mind about balance — Yin Yang — is that if they are able to speak Chinese, there should be no problem to help you also seak it! I just love that mentality. I firmly believe that if there would be another billion of people with this mindset, the world would be much bettet place.

And that is why I have also decided to learn the language. Not only it sounds really good, but it helps me to understand their culture, read their writings and much more.  I take it as my destiny, to help other westerners to appreciate culture so ancient, yet very much alive!

Trust me, language is the most important tool of communications. If we all understand each other, all other boundaries and illusions most of us are living in will disappear. Hopefull that is one step I can make to the whole world peace.

Are you in with me?

If yes, please share and like this page and share this vital information with as many people as you can. Who knows, maybe we will all live peacefull life very soon.

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